Government leaders, especially appointed officials, must both be competent and reliable to ensure the proper and successful performance of their tasks. Incompetence in governance, legitimizes a corrupt and broken system.

Senate President Tito Sotto, on the 2020 Philhealth Scandal.

who is
Tito sen?

Senator Vicente C. Sotto III, popularly known as “Tito Sen", is the current Senate President of the 18th Congress of the Philippines. He has served the Filipino people as public servant in various positions for more than 30 years.

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Meet Tito Sen

Meet Tito Sen

Tito Sen is among the present crop of senators who can seamlessly switch from one career to another--being an accomplished public servant, lawmaker, sportsman, and artist in his own right. He has sponsored and authored more than a hundred laws, making him one of the most prolific senators in the country. He also has a stellar track record of having perfect attendance and zero tardiness in all Senate Sessions and hearings since 2010.


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